Chris has hosted many dance events from street parties to hoe downs either as himself or as his many character alter-egos suited to the specific event.  

He can also provide performers and bespoke routines for any event whether it be a wedding, festival, corporate or other.  

Dance-along Movies

In 2014, Creative Scotland produced a campaign called, "Get Scotland Dancing" with the aim to make dance accessible to all.  One way that they achieved this was by holding public screenings of major dance films that the audience were required to dance to.  Chris was the energetic host that would lead the audience in a short warm up before teaching a few moves from the given movie that were to be performed at various points during the screening.  Whether the audience followed choreography or just freestyled their own moves, it was considered a successful and enjoyable way to get people dancing.  In fact the success of the Dance-Along movie experience continues to this day and Chris is continually being booked to host events all over the UK.  So far he has hosted for dance-along movies in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Stirling, Lanark, Greenock, Inverness and Newcastle.  The most popular movies so far are: Grease, Dirty Dancing, Mamma Mia, Grease 2, Mary Poppins, The Wizard of Oz and Hairspray  but there are perhaps many more  that have not been considered yet... If you are interested in further information, please contact Chris
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Performance Groups

If your'e holding an event and need entertainment, Chris can organise for a performance specific to your theme.  Most performances range from 4-12 minutes and can involve dance or both song and dance.  Themes to date have included: Studio 54, David Bowie, Baroque, Rio Carnival, Broadway, The Proclaimers, Queen, Scottish, Jailhouse Rock, Speakeasy and flappers.  
Clients have included: 
Edinburgh Film Festival, DEBRA, HSBC, Edinburgh Science Festival, RBS, Harper Macleod, Business Stream, Scottish Variety Awards, Artlink, Scot Ball, Red Hot Ball, Itison, Unique Events,  West End Festival, Merchant City Festival and many more
Jesus L'Oreal
Character Musical Comedy Performer
Jesus L'Oreal is an award-nominated character written and performed by Chris and he has his own website, so if you wish to be directed to this, please click the button below....